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Get Involved and Make a Difference

Please call our legislators and let them hear YOUR Voice!!

These bills are timely and important.

Here is one National issue and several State issues.

National Issue-timely - Call Washington D.C.

Why? Senate will have a roll call vote on Born -Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (the vote will take place on Monday February 25th)

Sen Maria Cantwell 202-224-3441

Sen Patty Murray 202-224-2621

You may want to say: "I support Sen Ben Sasse’s Born Alive Survivors Protection Act. Please vote in favor of it Monday, and put your name by your vote, so that we know how you voted on this important issue of infanticide."


State Issues for Action Toll free legislative hotline 1-800-562-6000. One call goes to your District Legislators & Governor.

Call Olympia 1-800-562-6000 & Say NO

HB 1771 & SB 5683

Home visiting for ALL newborn babies.

State agency to oversee & track children from birth to 22 years of age.

Opposing this bill does not and will NOT CHANGE the current home visiting programs already offered through the state and local communities.


Call Olympia 1-800-562-6000 & Say NO

SB 5395 & HB 1407

Comprehensive Sex Education

Mandatory by Sept 1, 2020

It's pornographic & filthy. Save our children form this perversion!!


Call Gov Inslee 360-902-0645 and say NO

Say: No to State Income Tax & No to Capitol Gains Tax.


They have PLENTY of OUR money & they DON"T need any more to mismanage!


NO on SB 5822 - Universal Health Care


Call Senator Hobbs at 360-786-7686 - No to any increase on gas tax!


Thank you to our Snohomish County State Committeewoman, Georgene Faries, for keeping us informed!

Here is your link to the

2018 Guide to Your Elected Officials

Download or view the 2018 Snohomish County guide to all your elected officials along with everything you need to

know about elections, who your candidates are and how to contact them. Use your voice and let your elected representatives

hear your views on issues that matter to you! Now Calls To Action are as easy as a click away!

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