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October Speakers

Donald M. Leingang Commander, US Navy (Retired) Executive Director, USO Northwest will discuss The USO Northwest and the services they provide to our military members and their families.

A nonprofit, congressionally chartered, private organization, the USO Northwest relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations to support its activities. The USO Northwest is not a part of the U.S. government, but is recognized by the Department of Defense, Congress and the President of the United States.

Bill Bruch is serving his 6th year and 3rd elected term as Chairman of the Skagit County Republican Party, Bill is also the Washington State Party Election Integrity Chairman and serves on the WSRP State Committee Executive Board.  He is a former LaConner Town Council Member, owns his own business and is a longtime property manager.

September Speakers

Dr. Linnea McCord is emeritus associate professor of Business Law and is on the faculty of Pepperdine University.  Her area of Specialty: The Gift of American Freedom.  Dr. McCord was the keynote speaker at the Washington State Federation of Republican Women's Spring Board Meeting and she touched all of our hearts.  Dr. McCord, says that we are facing an: “all brains on deck crisis for the survival of our nation.”  She has written a book, “The Wisdom of Ants (Restore the Secret Power of Trust That Made America Great, Before It’s too Late.”  Her book outlines the 10 Ten Commandments of Trust which are essential and nonnegotiable.  Don’t miss this incredible speaker.  Dr. McCord has the battle plan and shows us what we will and can do to save our nation.


Bill Bruch is serving his 6th year and 3rd elected term as Chairman of the Skagit County Republican Party. Bill is also the Washington State Republican Party's (WSRP) Election Integrity Chairman and serves on the WSRP's State Committee Executive Board.  He is a former LaConner Town Council Member, owns his own business and is a longtime property manager.  Bill plans to bring us up to speed on what is happening to have election integrity in the coming elections of 2024.


August Speakers

Parent advocate, Dawn Land, was the force behind the referendum to take out SB 5599, the controversial transgender bill recently signed by Governor Jay Inslee in Washington.

Andy Marrone, PhC (Chiropractic Physician)
Nutrition Specialist, Snohomish Chiropractic & Nutrition - will speak about Covid and Beyond.


July Speakers

Robert Sutherland, a Republican, served in Olympia as a State Representative of Legislative District 39 for the past four years. Robert had the fascinating and rewarding experience of learning the intricacies of exactly how our government works and how to navigate the complexities of working with others and writing legislation to better the lives of all Washingtonians.

In Robert’s career as a biochemist, he oversaw laboratories that performed stability studies on cancer drugs. He worked closely with PhDs to help them perfect their lab practices to produce the most accurate data that would be submitted to the FDA later. As a scientist, producing accurate data was critical to the success of a drug undergoing clinical trials.  Robert’s knowledge, training, experiences, and background uniquely qualify him to become your next County Auditor, overseeing voter registration and the election process, accurately recording legal documents, licensing, and animal services.


Georgia Fisher is the current President of the Snohomish County Republican Women’s Club and is running for Snohomish County Council, District 2 (R). Georgia will work to eliminate unlawful encampments, litter and graffiti in public spaces; and to ensure our green public spaces are environmentally protected. She will work to find pathways to improve public safety and recovery for the addicted. She will encourage business growth, a strong economy, family-wage jobs and safeguard natural spaces for recreation.


Brett Rogers is running for Judge in the Snohomish County Superior Court, Position 16, against a judge who was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee. Brett’s depth of experience in law enforcement and knowledge of police tactics, criminal investigations, law enforcement policy and accountability uniquely qualify him to serve as a Superior Court Judge for Snohomish County. Brett will uphold our federal and state constitutions and will be a check on the executive and legislative branches of government.


Mary Anderson is also running for Judge in the Snohomish County Superior Court, but for Position 17.  As judge pro tem, Mary understands the inter-workings of a courtroom and the rules of evidence.  She will apply those skills while presiding over cases to ensure the laws, statutes and Constitution are applied fairly and impartially, without bias.  She strives to be a hard-working judicial officer, committed to the law, accessible and transparent.  Mary firmly believes that everyone must have access to justice and she knows that together we can re-imagine a justice system that works for all of us.

June Speakers

Jim Walsh, a Republican member of the Washington State House of Representatives for Position 1 of the 19th Legislative District, was elected in 2016. His district covers areas along the southwestern coast, including Aberdeen, Westport, Longview and Long Beach. 

The Pregnancy Resource Clinic (PRC) of Everett provides accurate information, free services, and practical support with a holistic and compassionate approach to women and families facing unexpected pregnancies in Everett, WA. ​They give each of their patients the care and attention they need, empowering them to make informed decisions for themselves and their future.

May Speakers

Jeff Schumacher, a 2002 graduate of Western Washington University, with a BA in Canadian/American economic studies and a minor in political science, believes that many of our lawmakers are supporting bills that are Marxist and these legislators need to be exposed. Further, many citizens are not aware of the extreme danger America faces due to the Marxist agenda which has infiltrated schools and agencies and threatens to take over our country.

Ann Streit spent more than 30 years as a Speech/Language Pathologist in the public school system. Recognizing something was amiss, she quit and has spent the last 10 years studying and exposing the radical takeover of education in America. A volunteer for Truth in Textbooks, she has reviewed history textbooks to identify and remove errors and biases before publishing and/or adoption. She is Chair of the recently formed King County Chapter of Moms for Liberty, a group dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by helping parents defend their parental rights at all levels of government. Ann is a mother of two, grandmother of four, and dedicated to the principles that make America the last, best hope: faith, family and freedom. 

April Featured Speaker

Adam Fortney, Snohomish County Sheriff said:

"The number one concern of residents and businesses in Snohomish County is Public Safety. In times that have been unprecedented for public safety, I have served the people with accountable and compassionate leadership.



The law enforcement profession has undergone incredible scrutiny nationwide, and some of it justifiably so. I have been able to strike a balance of looking inward on how to deliver public safety services equitably, while still allowing pro-active policing and supporting our men and women who put their lives on the line everyday for our community.

I look forward to continuing to serve our county with transparency, accountability and compassion in Moving Snohomish County Forward with the Safety You Deserve.”


March Featured Speakers

Bob Hagglund, Chairman Snohomish County Republican Party. Bob has worked at United Health as a data scientist and consultant for five and half years. He has worked in software development and data science for four decades. Politically, he served as the Granite Falls precinct committee officer (PCO) since 2017. He also served as the 39th Legislative District (LD) chair since 2018 and election integrity chairman since 2020. In 2022, Bob ran in the Primary for Washington Secretary of State. He previously also ran for election to the U.S. Senate to represent Washington.



Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Council Position 1 As the District 1 representative on the Snohomish County Council, Nate’s top priorities include passing a balanced budget with no tax increases; supporting public safety & combatting the rise in crime; and fostering family wage jobs & economic growth in Snohomish County. Council District 1 includes Marysville, Arlington, Stanwood, Granite Falls, Darrington, the Stillaguamish Tribe, the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe, and unincorporated North Snohomish County.

February's Featured Speaker, Tim Cruickshank, LCDR, USN, SEAL (Retired)–Bonefrog Coffee and Bonefrog Wine, CEO/Founder. The bonefrog is a sacred symbol in the Seal Teams that honors those that gave their lives. Tim understands and has seen the sacrifice required by both the service member and their families to keep the American dream a reality. Tim served 25 years in the US Navy and felt compelled when he retired to honor his Teammates and give back to the community that gave so much to him. This is his way to continue to serve. Bonefrog Coffee was founded on the core concept of sharing stories of courage, selflessness, and sacrifice on and off the battlefield. We will continue to say their names, so their memories will never be forgotten. 

January Speaker, Semi Bird, Candidate for Governor of Washington State

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